​​​​South Mountain School of Horsemanship




10 Year Old APHA Mare


​Two blue eyes


(Negotiable to a GREAT home and the right partner for Kona)

Kona is an extremely intelligent, willing, and well-trained mare. She has been a lesson mare for ages 6-70, she has done barrels and poles, jumping, and much much more. She is an EXCELLENT trail mare. She will lead or follow or stay in the middle, or go out all by herself! This mare is not herd bound or barn sour, she is perfectly content to be out on trails with just her rider. 

Out on the trail, she'll go up and down anything you put in front of her, will cross water, will step over logs or jump if you approach at a trot or lope. 

This mare will not race home, or try to keep up with the herd when you're out with your friends. She'll stick to her slow trot or lope and go at your pace. Not spooky!

In the arena she is extremely light in the face and fancy! 

Intermediate - Advanced Rider would be best, she is too sensitive and well-trained for a novice rider.