Rider requirements​

Riders must be at least 18 years old As of 2017 SMSH is an adult only horsemanship school.

- Riders may not exceed 210lbs​​ (This is strictly enforced due to the size of our lesson horses and for their well-being)


Riding and Barn Attire

- ​Long pants

- Boots with a 1/2"-1" heel

- ​Correctly fitted ASTM/SEI approved helmet (Can be supplied by school)

Proper attire is required for safety and so the instructor can properly evaluate the rider. Proper attire is: Close-fitting, below ankle-length, long pants- (jeans, breeches or jodhpurs), riding boots with a firm or sturdy sole and at least a 3/4 inch heel separate from the sole; a fitted shirt and approved riding helmet. No tennis shoes, hiking boots, thick-soled boots such as “fat baby” boots, fashion boots, sandals, shorts, Capri pants, baggy clothes or bike helmets allowed.

Riding helmets are available to borrow without cost and tennis shoes may be worn for the first 4 lessons. After the first 4 lessons, students must purchase their own boots and helmet. Students without proper attire may be denied a lesson without a refund or make-up lesson. Closed shoes must be worn in the barn area at all times. Persons wearing clogs, sandals or any other open-type footwear may not enter the hitching post areas or arena including parents and guests.

Lesson Format
All lessons begin on time. Grooming, tacking, and untacking after the lesson are included in the lesson time. ​Students must purchase a lesson package and have a minimum of 1 lesson/week in order to guarantee their riding day and time.

Scheduling Lessons

SMSH uses Acuity Scheduling for students to schedule and pay lessons through. Lesson registration for the following month will open around the 15th of each month. Those buying packages or signing up for courses have priority in picking lesson spots and times until the 26th. After the 26th students purchasing individual lessons will be allowed to register for the following month. The package option will "close" on the 26th and individual spots will be posted for students to select from. Please do not "switch" lesson spots/times mid-year without letting Cassandra know first - it's not our intention to make people race to get their usual lesson slots. If you want to switch your regular lesson day/time please let Cassandra know and she will put you on a waiting list if your desired spot is full. *If you take a break from lessons you are not guaranteed your usual lesson day and time when you return. Only students who ride on a weekly basis and who register on time each month are guaranteed their normal day and time. 

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations & Refunds: There are NO refunds. Once something is scheduled and paid for there are no refunds for cancellations. Due to a high volume of clients we cannot reschedule - if you wish to make up a missed lesson you may schedule and pay for an additional lesson OR we will have one set "make-up" lesson per month for students who had to miss a paid for lesson - this will be an unmounted lesson with various lesson topics. If SMSH cancels a lesson with at least 24 hours notice you will be credited that lesson. If SMSH cancels a lesson without 24 hours notice you will be given one free lesson  - the exception being weather related cancellations. If a lesson is cancelled last minute due to weather you will be credited that lesson. All scenarios cannot be listed, Cassandra will make the final decision in the case of any gray areas. Lessons are non-transferable.

Late Policy
If you are more than 15 minutes late to a lesson you will not be riding that day. If it is a private lesson you will be focusing on ground work techniques. If you are late for a group lesson you may watch the lesson either from the viewing area or in the arena with Cassandra. Ground work and auditing lessons are VERY beneficial – if you know you will be late please still come to your lesson. You can learn so much from the ground! 


Lessons are held rain or shine unless you are otherwise notified. Tack room lessons will be held in the event of dangerous riding conditions (high wind, rain, lightning, etc). For the safety of our horses lessons will be cancelled if the forecast calls for 110+ temperatures during your lesson time. 

South Mountain School of Horsemanship, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. While it is not possible to list every circumstance in advance, some examples of reasons for refusing service include: incorrect attire, inappropriate or abusive behavior toward horses, staff, or students, disregard for the rules, regulations, policies and procedures whether written or oral, late arrival for lessons, weight exceeding the horse's ability to carry, excessive anxiety, or a language barrier sufficient enough to be a safety concern.

The policies below are designed to help us keep our program running smoothly and to maintain a predictable schedule for the comfort and well-being of our horses. Due to the high volume of clients and lessons, the policies below are strictly enforced. Please understand that while you may be managing your lesson schedule we have 35+ clients at any given time and horses to care for. In fairness to everyone, there are no exceptions to these policies. Thank you for understanding. 

Lesson Policies

​​​​South Mountain School of Horsemanship