​​​South Mountain School of Horsemanship


...After your Introductory Lesson

After your Introductory lesson you have a few options...

  • Students with riding experience may take private lessons or join group lessons with Cassandra's approval.
  • Students with minimal or no riding experience may take Private Lessons, sign up for one of our Horsemanship Courses if being offered, or sign up for a beginner's group lesson.

Horsemanship Courses

Horsemanship I

Four 90-minute lessons. Learn the basics before jumping into lessons! In this course you will learn all about grooming, bathing, tacking up, cleaning tack, horse parts, saddle parts, horse colors, how to read your horse's body language, how to safely lead your horse, basic groundwork skills, and basic horse care. This is a ground-based course that will get you set up to move into riding lessons. Each day is packed and you will be given homework for each week to fast-track your horsemanship knowledge! 

  • Four 90-minute lessons......$180

Horsemanship II

Prerequisite: Horsemanship I
Four 90-minute lessons. Now that you know a little more about horse safety and care you will begin learning how to ride! Learn basic riding skills such as asking your horse to go forward, turning, stopping, backing up, steering around obstacles, going over obstacles such as hills and logs, emergency stops, and more!

  • ​Four 90-minute lessons......$180

​Horsemanship III

​Prerequisites: Horsemanship I & II
Four 90-minute lessons. Start learning how to trot! In this course student will learn about posting (rising trot), diagonals, and transitions between trotting, walking, stopping, and backing. Students will continue to work on their steering skills while at the walk and trot and will maneuver obstacles while at the trot. Students will continue to imporve upon their leg cues by going through manuevers such as yield the hind quarters, side passing, and more.​

  • Four 90-minute lessons......$180

***Horsemanship Courses are not available all year long. These are specialized classes that are only offered when Cassandra's schedule allows.***

Introductory Lessons for New Students

We provide Introductory Lessons for new local students interested in trying out our school. Your first lesson is discounted in order to ensure that horseback riding is something you would like to pursue and/or to guage whether our teaching style and facilities are suitable to your needs and goals. Introductory lessons are 60 minutes each and are $45. This gives newcomers a low-risk option to come and see what we're all about! To schedule an introductory lesson please send an email to cassandra@southmountainhorsemanship.com.

Group 90 Minute Lesson

This lesson is in a group format, not to exceed four students per a lesson. Students are grouped with other riders of similar ability and age. Group lessons also work well for friends or family members who are similar in experience and wish to learn how to ride together. Please note that the prices below are per student.

Lessons at School

  • 1 Drop-In Lesson...................$50/student
  • 4 Lesson Package........$180 ($45/lesson)

Using Personal Horses and Tack at Personal Property

  • Please Call

Benefits of Group Lessons include: 

- A more social experience. Many students do not have horsey friends outside of lessons, group lessons give students the opportunity to connect with others who share their passion.

​- Shorter soundbites of information and more independence. In private lessons you have the full attention of the instructor for an entire 60 minutes. This can mean a lot of information and scrutinization all at once, whereas with multiple riders each student has time to absorb the information and then try to carry it out more independently while still in a safe and supervised environment - this normally leads to a rider who thinks more critically and develops better "feel".

Visual learning tool. Students are able to watch one another. Students are able to see what they are trying to achieve when riding with other students, or conversely are able to see why something isn't working. 

FUN! Group lessons are more fun for students of all ages as it opens up a whole new world of GAMES and activities.

- Riding in groups gives students confidence and provides a challenge. When riders see another student accomplish something, it often gives them the confidence that they too can do it - it also often encourages students to work that much harder to achieve the same or better results. 

- Group lessons or more economically feasible for many families. The reduced price often opens the door to taking multiple lessons a week which will in most cases help you to achieve your riding goals more quickly.

Extra time! Group lessons are longer - more time in the saddle, extra time to get those "light bulb" moments, and more time for games and fun!

Private 60 Minute Lesson

A closed lesson for any level of rider or riders. This is a 60 minute session that may include riding, ground work, horse care, tack care, or any other points of interest for the student depending on his or her own goals. This lesson may be one-on-one, or may include multiple people of your choice, but no additional students will be added to this lesson by the instructor.

Lessons at School


  • Single Rider 1 Lesson...............$65
  • Additional Rider.....$40 (per lesson)

Lesson Rates