​​​​South Mountain School of Horsemanship


Student Opportunities


​​​​​​​Open Ride

Intermediate and advanced students at South Mountain School of Horsemanship will have the opportunity to take advantage of our Open Ride sessions. Open Ride or practice sessions will usually last 1.5 hours and are $25/student.

Open Ride sessions are unassisted scheduled ride times where students may use a lesson horse to go over their skills on their own without an instructor’s assistance. An instructor will be present at the School during Open Ride, however they will not be commenting on the rider’s actions. These sessions are used as personal study time. These
sessions are important to a rider because they allow a rider to think on their own and have the experience of self-regulation.

We recommend to riders that when they have questions resulting from an Open Ride session that the rider come to their next lesson with those questions. The reason for this is because it allows the mind to go over the possible answers and allows for the rider to come up with their own answers. This encourages the rider to become accustomed to problem solving and becoming an independent rider.

When a South Mountain School of Horsemanship student has become proficient and moved into the intermediate skill level these practice sessions will become available. During the practice session, the rider is responsible for grooming, tacking, warming up the lesson horse, riding safely and mindfully of the horse, other riders, other people
using the same space, general safe behavior, equine etiquette, cooling out the lesson horse, untacking, returning all tack, tools and horse to the proper locations, followed by cleaning the spaces used as necessary.


Students may work in order to earn Open Rides. This program is available to students who meet the following requirements:

Must pay for and take at least one lesson per week
Must be at least 11 years old and have Cassandra's approval to begin working​
Must be able to catch, groom, and saddle with no help.
Must be comfortable walking and trotting with little to no supervision.
Students will have a chore list, each chore being assigned a dollar value. Students may used their earned money for most things offered at SMSH besides their one required weekly lesson.

Other Student Opportunities Include...

​Trail Rides

Summer Camps

Taking the horses to the lake

Specialized practices (barrels, poles, etc)