South Mountain School of Horsemanship, LLC.

The policies below are designed to help us keep our program running smoothly and to maintain a predictable schedule for the comfort and well-being of our horses. Due to the high volume of clients and lessons, the policies below are strictly enforced. Please understand that while you may be managing your lesson schedule we have 35+ clients at any given time and horses to care for. In fairness to everyone, there are no exceptions to these policies. Thank you for understanding.

General Requirements & Barn Rules

  • Riders must be at least 18 years old - SMSH is an Adults Only riding school!
  • Riders may not exceed 210lbs
  • Fees may be incurred for replacement costs of any lost or damaged equipment
  • Outside pets are not allowed
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times

Riding and Barn Attire

  • Long pants
  • Boots with a 1/2"-1" heel
  • Correctly fitted ASTM/SEI approved helmet
  • Students may wear tennis shoes and borrow a helmet for first 4 lessons. After that, students must purchase their own if they would like to continue riding.
  • Students may bring new boots or helmets to their lessons to ask about fit or anything else.
    • No fashion or dancing boots. Boots must be designed for riding and have a spur ledge.
    • Please ask about boots or helmets before buying, your instructor can help guide you in the right direction.
  • Students without proper attire may be denied a lesson without a refund or make-up lesson.

Lesson Format & Policies

All lessons begin on time. Grooming, tacking, and untacking after the lesson are included in the lesson time.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to a lesson you will not be riding that day. If it is a private lesson you will be focusing on groundwork techniques. If you are late for a group lesson you may audit the lesson. Groundwork and auditing lessons are VERY beneficial – if you know you will be late please still come to your lesson. You can learn so much from the ground!

If you arrive early for your lesson, feel free to pet the horses or sit on the benches and watch the ongoing lesson. Remember, any student taking a lesson deserves the instructor’s full attention - please don't interrupt lessons unless there's a problem of some kind. Students may not go into stalls or pens unless instructed to do so.


Lessons are held rain or shine unless you are otherwise notified. Tack room or barn lessons will be held in the event of dangerous riding conditions (high wind, rain, lightning, etc). For the safety of our horses and students, lessons are often cancelled if the forecast calls for 110+ degree temperatures.


South Mountain School of Horsemanship, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. While it is not possible to list every circumstance in advance, some examples of reasons for refusing service include: incorrect attire, inappropriate or abusive behavior toward horses, staff, or students, disregard for the rules, regulations, policies and procedures whether written or oral, late arrival for lessons, weight exceeding the horse's ability to carry, excessive anxiety, or a language barrier sufficient enough to be a safety concern.