I've been riding at SMSH for just under a year and there are not enough words to one, express how far I've come as a rider and two, how well Cassandra runs this school. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and well organized. She provides all the tools needed to learn how to understand and care for horses and in turn, become a confident rider. If you're serious about riding and horsemanship, this is the place for you!

- Caitlin Fine

We feel it was fate that we found Cassandra!!!! My 9yr old has been wanting horse riding lessons for months and I've been delaying it due to fear of not finding the right instructor and wasting money. The reality is, I was guided to Cassandra and South Mountain School of Horsemanship! Cassandra is kind, patient, and funny. She gave my daughter focused individual attention and every lesson was a dream come true for her. We will be continuing lessons with Cassandra hopefully for years to come! Thank you Cassandra!

- Katie Lasso Gordoa

Our experience with South Mountain School of Horsemanship was incredible! Cassandra was a patient, knowledgeable and highly capable instructor. She worked with my two young riders and addressed their individual needs and goals while building their competency and confidence. Their riding and horsemanship skills grew by leaps and bounds. Pru, Sassy and Coconut will always have special places in our hearts! Can't recommend SMSH enough.

- Sarah Smith

Cassandra is amazing. She teaches the true fundamentals to riding. She treats her horses with true respect and in return her horses respect and do what she asks of them. I am always amazed how much I get out of an hour lesson with her. She is passionate about what she does and is an amazing person all the way through. I would recommend her to beginners all the way through advanced riders!

- Jenna Pfeiff

Just finished Horsemanship I and will begin H2 next week. The school is well organized, professional, and Cassandra is an impressive business owner. She is respectful of all of her students & the horses, and she places the utmost importance on first teaching the fundamentals of horses, tack and safety before ever getting on to ride. This is exactly what I've been looking for, and I am excited to move on to the next class. The environment is comfortable, and the school is surrounded by one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the southern valley--especially at sunset! If you are thinking about ultimately owning horses, or you just want to ride, this is THE place to start.

- Susan Macaluso

I can't say enough wonderful things about Cassandra and her amazing lesson horses! Her lessons are challenging, diverse and always fun. And today she helped me with my new mare. Can't wait to try out all my new found horse knowledge and tools. Thanks Cassandra!

- Laura Schaack

We have absolutely loved our experience at South Mountain School of Horsemanship! Cassandra is so knowledgeable and imparts that knowledge to her students. My daughter is 13 and has learned the parts of the saddle, horse, and can now tack the horse by herself. She has quality one-on-one instruction on a gentle,well trained horse.Cassandra teaches in a manner that will prepare the student to care for their own horse one day, which is the goal of my daughter. She also makes the lessons fun with positive instruction and new, fun activities to learn. The facility is great with a huge arena with barrels, poles, small hills...it's so much fun for the student. If you or your child is a horse lover, I highly recommend SMSH!

- Mary Kulovitz

Thank you so much for my lesson Cassandra! I had the most amazing time and it felt great to get back on a horse again. Your facility and horses are just beautiful!! Looking forward to my next time out there!

- Rachel Hulpke

What I received from cassandra and her horses is absolutely amazing not only is she a awesome teacher but she is a honest down to earth wonderful young lady who truly cares for both horses and her students, I can't say enough about her as a teacher, and her horses I can see why are such wonderful animals themselves she puts so much hard work Into the business she has and it truly shows if it wasn't for a personal hit I took a couple weeks ago I would be with her program for the rest of my life but definitly will I be back when I get bck on my feet.

- Kristie Haray

Cassandra is amazing! I just finished Horsemanship I and I learned so much, I will continue to grow and learn with Cassandra. I can't stop bragging about South Mountain School of Horsemanship! I have found my forever barn!!!

- Michelle Mutert

I highly recommend South Mountain School of Horsemanship! Cassie is simply wonderful as a horsemanship teacher. Her unending patience puts the novice rider, like myself, completely at ease. She doesnt just instruct me in what to do, but also why I'm doing it and how it affects the horse. I am constantly impressed by the depth and level of her knowledge in all aspects of horsemanship. A big plus for me is that she always includes proper grooming and saddling techniques in her lessons. It's a rarity to take a class where you learn so much and yet have such a good time that you don't want it to end! Cassie makes learning fun, fun, fun!

- Diane Flynn

We are so pleased with Cassandra's instruction. Our 7 year old daughter loves her lessons and they are the highlight of her week. We love her lessons, too, because Cassandra has such a calm, encouraging demeanor that is rare in the horse world. Cassandra is right out there with our daughter, always smiling, always using a steady, calming voice, even when she is correcting something or trying to bring the focus back to the lesson. Our daughter loses focus easily most other areas of life, but Cassandra keeps her right on track. The horses are wonderful and Cassandra knows which riders are compatible with which horses. We really like that Cassandra puts her horses' health first. That is such an important lesson to impart to a young rider: always watch out for your horse. Finally, we are very pleased with the care Cassandra takes to teach the importance of proper grooming and horsemanship. They spend as much time as necessary getting all of the equipment, grooming the horse, and making sure they are ready to ride before actually getting on.

- Rebecca Johnson

"Cassandra changed everything about riding for me.

I have tried to take lessons 5 different times over the course of 30 years, and never found what I was looking for, never progressed, never felt any closer to my goals…until I met Cassandra.  From the very first lesson, she was able to facilitate a connection between me and the horses that no one had been able to help me with.  She has helped me develop confidence, assertiveness, and horsemanship skills that have always been right out of my grasp. 

She has an intuitiveness that allows her to pinpoint exactly where the hiccup is with each different skill, and she does it in a way that makes it feel like a Huge victory every time I finally “get” something that was causing me frustration! 

She also has taken the time to teach me all about the details of caring for a horse outside the arena.  She is talented and extremely professional.  You can see that she loves what she does, has NO ego, and she wants to teach you what YOU want to learn…whatever that is, and wherever you are in that process.

I will forever be grateful for the gift that Cassandra has given me, to be able to truly enjoy the process of riding and improving and spending time with horses."


"Honestly, I can't say enough about the lessons I'm receiving at South Mountain Horsemanship. After searching for someone to teach me the correct way to ride, and being disappointed by trainers who didn't show up, or going to facilities that were dirty and didn't seem to take care of their horses, I found Cassandra and her facility. She is a true horsewoman, who knows her stuff, and knows how to convey what she knows to her students in a calm, caring manner. If you get the instruction, she is quick to praise you, if you aren't getting it, she gives you a different perspective, and for those of us who need visuals, she will get on the horse and demonstrate. She is totally committed to teaching you horsemanship skills. Additionally, she is equally good to her horses and treats them like the intelligent animals they are. She is always calm and caring with them and helps the student understand what the horse is experiencing while they are saddling up and riding. I am very pleased with this facility and will keep coming back."


"I came to Cassie for riding lessons but what I received was so much more! I had little to no experience with horses when I started and was overwhelmed with everything I needed to learn. Cassie is kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. She answered my hundreds of questions and always treated me with respect. I felt she was invested in my success and helped me identify and meet my goals. Her facility is inviting and her horses are well cared for, expertly trained, and a pleasure to be around. I always felt I had 100% of Cassie’s attention which created a safe and supportive learning environment.  Lessons are challenging and her techniques are effective.  I leave every session feeling more confident and excited to move forward. Her passion for horses is contagious and I am lucky to have found such a versatile trainer!"



​​​South Mountain School of Horsemanship


Cassandra demonstrates love, respect and care for her horses and students. Her horses are in top notch condition and she is so thorough and patient when teaching new students. My daughter loves riding here; she feels safe and confident with Cassandra at her side. I would highly recommend this place for students of all ages!

- Jennifer Valencia